@Variety — #IMDb Alters Policy On Publication Of Birth Names

What's the big deal? It's 2019, it's too late to hide age and birth names since the internet already exists. Besides, there's social media and the media who always remember to greet celebrities a happy birthday. Not to mention they also sometimes mention actor's real name in the news. It's not like casting agents will cast a middle-aged actor to play a teenager. And there's the fans… who knows everything. IMDb already stripped bios with basic information. Soon it will be just names, that's it. Their latest move won't change anything, as far as actors' biography goes, but maybe a decrease in traffic, when visitors realize it doesn't provide enough information and then go somewhere else… like Wikipedia.

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — IMDb has revised its birth name policy and will allow industry professionals to remove their birth names in response to feedback from transgender customers and other entertainment industry leaders.

The issue arose in June after a coalition of national LGBTQ groups objected to IMDB's continued publication of the birth names of transgender performers and people in the entertainment industry without their consent — a practice commonly called “dead-naming.” An IMDb spokesperson revealed the altered policy on Monday.

“IMDb now permits the removal of birth names if the birth name is not broadly publicly known and the person no longer voluntarily uses their birth name,” the spokesperson said.

“To remove a birth name either the person concerned or their professional industry representative simply needs to contact IMDb’s customer support staff to request a birth name removal,” the spokesperson added. “Once the IMDb team determines that an individual’s birth name should be removed — subject to this updated process — we will review and remove every occurrence of their birth name within their biographical page on IMDb.”

The IMDb spokesperson also said for birth name removal requests pertaining to titles in which a person was credited on-screen as … Dave McNary/@Variety

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