#YouTube Tests Bigger #Thumbnails, And People Hate It; #socialmedia

If you’re familiar with Google’s webmaster tools, you may have come across notifications that says “Clickable elements too close together” or “Text too small to read.” Its as though they want site elements to be big, bold and in your face. When it comes to mobile displays, it is important to make text readable and buttons spaced properly so it’s easier to tap. That’s a given. But it doesn’t have to be so outrageously wide and big that it eats up a lot screen space, especially for mobile devices. Unless your fingertip is the size of a toe, then better pull out that stylus. I for one ignore those passive aggressive “recommendations.” Let us worry about our own portal. Google is not the boss of me. So thank you, but no.

Do what is best for your site, not what is best for Google.

This article proves they’re not right all the time. Although Google often think they are. And they want the internet to do their own bidding — ever heard of amp pages? structured data? We politely say … sorry, no. If Google’s AI technology is really smart, then it should be able to figure out what is on a site. It shouldn’t rely on the world to prep things and feed it to them with a silver spoon.

Just because they’re a big successful company, doesn’t mean they’re always right. They’re run by people after all. And people… everyone… makes mistakes… even scientists. So my advice is, do what is best for your site, not what is best for Google.

New York (The Verge) — YouTube tests bigger thumbnails, and people hate it theverge.com/2019/8/13/2080….

YouTube is experimenting with making video thumbnails much larger on its homepage, according to several screenshots that appeared on Twitter and Reddit this morning.

The new homepage design, seen in the images below, changes quite a bit about the current setup. Videos are no longer grouped by categories, fewer videos appear in a line for people to scroll through, and, yes, the thumbnails are noticeably larger. It’s unclear just how many people have been served the new layout. We weren’t able to get the design to appear ourselves, so it’s likely a limited test for now. A YouTube spokesperson told The Verge the company is “currently testing a new homepage layout to improve the watch experience for our users.”

So far, it’s not going over well with users. People are complaining that the bigger thumbnails make the homepage more difficult to scroll through. Others have called it disorganized and disorienting. Julia Alexander/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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