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New York (The Verge) — Battery-powered plane crashes in Norway as country tries to ditch fossil fuels theverge.com/2019/8/15/2080….

An all-electric battery-powered plane has crashed into a lake in Norway. The Alpha Electro G2 plane is owned by Avinor, Norway’s state-run airport operator, and both its pilot and passenger escaped from the crash unharmed.

The incident is a blow to Norway’s flight electrification plans. In an interview last year, Falk-Petersen had said that he hoped to start passenger flights in electric planes by 2025, with all domestic flights electrified by 2040. However, it’s currently unclear exactly what caused the crash. Forbes reports that the pilot said he lost all power from the engines as he was approaching the airport to land. He estimated that the plate was travelling at around 43mph when it hit the water.

Norway is the ideal test-bed for electric flight. The country is already leading the way in the sale of electric cars, and its remote islands and fjords mean that its domestic air routes are some of the busiest in Europe, according to Forbes, meaning it has a large short-haul domestic flight market with the potential to be electrified. This electricity overwhelmingly comes from environmentally friendly sources, with Reuters reporting that as much as 98 percent of the country’s electricity comes from hydro power. However, this investment in clean energy has come in part from the country’s large sovereign wealth fund, which now includes over $1 trillion in assets generated by surplus revenues from the country’s petroleum sector. Jon Porter/@verge

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