#Followup: @June Release App Fix To Prevent #Ovens From Turning On Accidentally; #Tech #Hazard #Safety "#Smart"

New York (The Verge) — June will immediately change its app interface to prevent smart ovens from turning on accidentally theverge.com/2019/8/15/2080….

June is planning to immediately update its iOS and Android app to prevent its smart June Ovens from remotely preheating. It’s also moving up an update that’ll allow the oven to detect when there’s no food inside it and then turn off.

The Verge reported yesterday that a few June Oven owners experienced their ovens turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and higher without their knowledge. The company said the preheats were the result of user error — effectively people accidentally triggering their ovens without realizing it. The company planned two updates to address the issue, and it now says it’s moving up the timeline for those releases; the interface updates announced today are additional measures.

The company says the June app for iOS will no longer open to the “Oven” tab by default, which is where people can adjust their temperature and cook settings. Instead, it’ll open to a Cookbook tab. Also, when someone chooses to preheat their oven, a temperature and cook mode will need to be selected to start the preheat session, and two presets — one for roasting and one for baking — will be removed. The iOS app update has already been submitted to Apple. The Android app will also have those shortcuts removed and require modes to be selected before preheating, although it’s unclear whether the default screen is being changed. The Android update is being submitted to Google, according to a post on a private June Oven owners Facebook Group. Ashley Carman/@verge

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