#UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo Using Self-Driving #Trucks With #Safety #Drivers Onboard; #AutonomousVehicles

The news media should really stop being an accomplice of the deceptive technology industry with its click-bait headlines.

New York (The Verge) — UPS has been quietly delivering cargo using self-driving trucks theverge.com/2019/8/15/2080….

UPS has announced a minority stake in autonomous trucking startup TuSimple, which also delivered mail for the United States Postal Service earlier this year. TuSimple has been hauling cargo for UPS between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, since May.

TuSimple had previously run a partnership with the United States Postal Service in May, where the startup’s trucks carried mail on the 1,000-mile stretch between the USPS’s Phoenix, Arizona, and Dallas, Texas, distribution centers. That pilot has since ended, though the two sides are discussing “next steps,” according to a TuSimple spokesperson.

TuSimple says it has been helping UPS “better understand the requirements for Level 4 Autonomous trucking in its network” — a reference to the Society of Automotive Engineers’ scale for self-driving vehicles, where Level 4 refers to full autonomy that’s locked to a designated geographic location. The trucks in use still have a safety driver and an engineer on board who monitor the system, like many of the other self-driving pilot programs currently running in the United States. Sean O'Kane/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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