@i_D — How @VioletChachki Made The Leap From Drag To High Fashion; #DragRace #LGBT

How did @VioletChachki make the leap from drag to high fashion?

Basically, she really is that bitch: trib.al/4B9txYe.

Basically, she really is that bitch.

In the drag world, “busiest I’ve ever been” means more than just a packed diary. It’s two shows a day in two different countries; photoshoots at one o’clock in the morning; and phonecalls with fashion magazines on what’s supposed to be your day off. The level of graft involved to be successful in that circle is so intense that you might wonder how Violet — who not only manages to smash her drag career but has endorsement deals and associations with just about every major fashion brand going right now — does it. “It’s all flying at me at once,” she admits. Not that the crown and sceptre she won in season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race show any signs of slipping.

She’s one of the few queens to graduate from that show and earn the rightful title of a Drag Race icon. As an underdog on the drag scene, having been rejected by the popular show a season earlier, she ascended the ranks and came out on top, winning Season 7 by doing something few before her had executed with such finesse: embracing the title of “fashion queen” – once a backhanded compliment that usually suggested beauty at the expense of personality. Violet thwarted that stereotype with her dry sense of humour and a facade of self importance. Every week, she would step out onto the runway in a flawless collection of looks: sometimes two in one, and others that literally made pop goddess Ariana Grande say “Oh my gaaad!” with her mouth agape.

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