Meet The Queens Of “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” (@DragRaceUKBBC) Season 1; #LGBT #DragRace


Meet the cast of “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK!” We’ve got ten amazing queens who will battle it out for the coveted title of best drag queen of the land. UK’s version of Drag Race will be hosted by RuPaul himself, and mainstay judges will include Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr.

Baga Chipz

DragRaceUK1-BagaChipz— 29 years old, London, UK –
Twitter: @ChipShopBird

What’s salty, fluffy on the inside, and only costs £1.99 if you buy her with a battered sausage? It’s Baga Chipz! Meet Baga, your favourite gobshite. Meet Baga, your favourite gobshite.


Divina De Campo

DragRaceUK1-DivinaDeCampo— 35 years old, West Yorkshire, UK –
Twitter: @ChipShopBird

Oh, you wanted a queen who could knock you out with her opera vocals? You’ll fall in love with Divina’s brutal jokes and iconic laugh.



DragRaceUK1-Crystal— 34 years old, London, UK –
Twitter: @CrystalWillSeeU

Meet East London’s Crystal. She’s a gender-bending, circus-performing, whip-cracking queen who’s ready to mess with your head.


Blu Hyddrangea

DragRaceUK1-BluHydrangea— 23 years old, Belfast, UK –
Twitter: @BluHydrangea_

Well, she’s the most glam GCSE art project we’ve ever seen! Meet Belfast’s Blu Hydrangea, the queen whose strength lies in her mug.


Cheryl Hole

DragRaceUK1-CherylHole— 25 years old, Essex, UK –
Twitter: @CherylHoleQueen

Prepare yourselves, you’re about to meet a legendary hole, Cheryl Hole, she’s an Essex girl by day and a lip-sync assassin by night.


Sum Ting Wong

DragRaceUK-SumTingWong— 30 years old, Birmingham, UK –
Twitter: @IsSumTingWong

“Drag helped that 12-year-old me finally live out his dream.” Sum Ting Wong is the Brummy queen who’s ready to S.L.A.Y the live vocals and reclaim and recycle your problematic vocals and reclaim and recycle your problematic jokes.


Vinegar Strokes

DragRaceUK1-VinegarStrokes— 35 years old, London, UK –
Twitter: @TheOnlyVinegar

Vinegar Strokes is coming to us straight from the West End stage and she’s ready to be your leading lady! Can you even handle her tucked balls of steel? Can you even handle her tucked balls of steel?


Scaredy Kat

DragRaceUK1-ScaredyKat— 19 years old, Wiltshire, UK –
Twitter: @the_scaredy_kat

Scaredy Kat is about to show you just what a baby queen can do with her student loan. Do not underestimate her.


The Vivienne

— 27 years old, Liverpool, UK –
Twitter: @TheVivienneUK

The Vivienne is the perfect mix of old and new school. She’s ready to murder the competition, and her Kim Woodburn impression is undeniably good.Kim Woodburn impression is undeniably good.


Gothy Kendoll

DragRaceUK1-GothyKendoll— 22 years old, Leicester, UK –
Twitter: @GothyKendoll

Practice makes perfect, and Gothy Kendoll knows – she’ll be bringing the FASHION, darling.bringing the FASHION, darling.


“RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” is on BBC iPlayer Oct 3rd.


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