#LGBT #YouTube #Creators Are Suing The Company For Discriminatory, Systemic Issues; #SVOD

New York (The Verge) — LGBTQ YouTubers love the site — that’s why they’re suing it theverge.com/2019/8/20/2080….

Chase Ross is one of eight creators — alongside Amp Somers, Lindsay Amer, Chris Knight, Celso Dulay, Cameron Stiehl, and Chrissy Chambers — attempting to fight YouTube over a number of systemic issues that the LGBTQ community say they’ve faced on the platform, years after they first joined it.

The fight between the queer community on YouTube and YouTube’s executives has existed for years. Creators believe it’s been harder for their videos to receive ads due to a reluctance from advertisers to be associated with queer content. But creators have also complained that their videos performed worse because of actions by YouTube. In 2017, the LGBTQ community discovered their videos were being hidden simply because they spoke about queer issues. In 2018, Ross found that using the word “transgender” led to his video getting demonetized, as seen in the tweet below. (YouTube updated its policies after the incident in 2017.) Julia Alexander/@verge

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