#Westboro #Baptist Church Pickets “The Sing-Off” And Grammy Winning Quintet Band #Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) For Having Gay Members; #Homophobia


Band leader Scott Hoying reacted to the protest with the following tweet:

omg we had homophobic protestors at the show AGAIN (what’s happening?!) and during our off-mic moment they were chanting so loud, so we started belting as LOUD as we could, & the crowd started cheering & we drowned the protestors out & it was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT Scott Hoying/Twitter

Groups advocating HOMOPHOBIA should be treated as a hate group, even if they’re using religion as a scapegoat. Check Twitter’s guidelines on reporting abusive behavior.

These kids are simply sharing their God-given talents. They sing great songs, and are AMAZING at it. They're non-political, they simply do what they love. Why is this religious group, who preach about love and God, feel so attacked? Why are they such homophobic assholes? The dark age is over. If they want to complain about gay singers, they should air their grievances to God who created EVERYTHING, including lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and even misguided people like them.

The Westboro Baptist Church even runs a hate-driven site called “God Hates Fags dot com.” They even have the audacity to quote the bible with “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour,…Leviticus 19:17-18,” yet they’re twisting the meaning of the passage to serve their hateful behavior. Let’s call it for what it is, a hate group.

God willing, Westboro Baptist Church will have a small but all important part of @PTXofficial's #PTXTheWorldTour in the form of a picket at their #KCStarlight performance on Tuesday 8/13!

Source: WBCFliers, Scott Hoying

[ Updated 2019-08-25 ]
Updated to include additional hate group information and Twitter’s hateful accounts reporting.


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