@NPR — How Can #Schools Help Kids With #Anxiety?

Give kids a chance to experience the human condition. There's no need to shelter them with going back to school anxiety, it's not like loss and grief counseling. It's by walking on the fire people develop tools to help them in their adult life. Adults should learn a thing or two about helicopter parenthood from what it has done to some Millennials.

(NPR) — One school started a weekly group to help students with anxiety.

They discuss their anxiety, gain confidence that they're not the only ones struggling, and learn strategies to help them cope. (via @MindShiftKQED).

Anxiety is running rampant in high schools around the country, both rich and poor. It makes it hard for students to learn and to deal with life. Hear from two teens’ and learn strategies educators and parents can use to help them cope.

Brianna missed her grandfather's supportive presence acutely during her middle school years, which were difficult. Middle school can be a difficult time for anyone, but for Brianna it was particularly hard socially because her family moved several times. She had trouble making new friends and felt each change of school acutely. Despite all that, she was a good student; she made the honor roll all three years in middle school.

But everything got worse when she started at El Cerrito High School, just outside San Francisco. Brianna's feelings of isolation intensified, and her depression and anxiety kicked into high gear. She knew that she should be doing her homework, participating in class, and trying to be more social, but she couldn’t bring herself to do any of it. By sophomore year, Brianna was barely passing.

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