“@RuPaulsDragRace – All Stars” Winner @TrinityTheTuck Issues A Memo To The #Press — Hear Ye, Her Yay! And Counterpoint; #DragRace #AllStars #LGBT

ATTN journalists, bloggers, vloggers etc… please stop asking us the same boring questions.. no one wants to hear where did we get our name… how did we start drag… what product can you not live without.. what’s your favorite song to perform.. ask us better shit! Damn lolol

All they want is clickbate.. they don’t care what’s in these articles.. I’m going to require questions up front and if they aren’t interesting questions for me I won’t do interviews!@TrinityTheTuck/Twitter

PressASAP_TrinityTheTuck-1157754235468963841.jpgTrinity Taylor (a.k.a. Trinity The Tuck) is a superstar and a real winner, and like all big names in popular culture, they deserve their Diva moments, like this. Her concerns are legitimate. Having to handle the same thing over and over can be tiresome. We hear this all the time from superstars in the movie business. Having to answer the same questions over and over, like when they're promoting a film on a talk show, can get aggravating — some reactions are even caught on tape. We completely understand and respect her sentiments.

By the same token, she also needs to be aware that it comes with her job. Unless she gives the press and public something new to talk about, the default questions will be the obvious, her background. She also needs to understand that, just like people and stars,” journalists, bloggers, vloggers” and fans come and go. You can bet that even after ten years her background will still be fresh… for newcomers — when children come of age and discover drag, when people are introduced to Drag Race or when the media “discovers” Drag Race. Not every “audience” are privy to the drag industry or Queer entertainment for that matter. Now that drag has gotten more popular, she can expect more of this to come.

Her concerns should be more about when the press is no longer interested in interviewing her. Yes, her social media is already a great publicity tool, but when the rest of the press are tired of pushing her campaigns, that may hurt her bottom line. It's also unfair to call it “clickbate” [sic], when the entertainment business is all about it, they “invented” it. Ever heard of “hype” or “teasers,” anyone? Bad interview are one thing, we actually see mainstream press publishing articles about celebrities with nothing more than referencing a trivial social media post. “Good publicity or bad interview is still publicity,” right?

Perhaps what Trinity Taylor really need is a nice long bubble bath and a tall cold drink. Enjoy this moment including the repetitive clickbait interviews, because gurl, this thing won't last forever.

This is a welcome topic and we wish her all the best and continued success. A diva moment well deserved. LOL @ Lady Bunny’s reply.

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