The Guardian (@Guardian) — #Transgender Birth Certificates Turn To Other States After #Victoria Passes Reform; #LGBT #Australia

London (The Guardian) — Trans birth certificate campaign turns to other states after Victoria passes reform.

Victorian MPs vote 26 to 14 to allow trans and gender-diverse people to change sex recorded on birth certificate

The bill requires the person making the application to make a statutory declaration when nominating the sex to be recorded, and must include a statement from an adult who has known them for 12 months or more who believes the application is being made in good faith and supports the change.

The legislation passed the legislative council without amendment after a majority of independent members sided with the government to pass the bill.

The new law came after what MPs described as some of the most intense campaigning in the state, with MPs saying they had received hundreds of emails from those in favour and those opposed to the legislation.

A new women’s group, Victorian Women’s Guild, was spawned in opposition to the legislation on the grounds of the potential impact it would have on women-only spaces, while Equality Australia responded with an open letter of over 1,000 feminists supporting the change. Josh Taylor/@guardian

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