The Verge (@Verge) — How The Cambridge Analytica #Scandal “Changed” #Facebook; #Privacy #socialmedia

Facebook hasn't really changed much since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. What they did after that were the least amount of “change” intended to pacify lawmakers. In fact, they've gotten worse since, even bolder at committing privacy transgressions. Exploitation and paying face-time at Capitol Hill has become routine. It's not entirely their fault, the company is only trying to protect their bottom-line, and without regulation and oversight in North America, they've got a free reign. Lawmakers tried to “punish” the company but it only made them more money. Has Facebook “changed?” Yes, but not the way the world expected.

Alex Stamos on how the Cambridge Analytica scandal changed Facebook

Stamos was at Facebook during the Cambridge Analytica scandal, so the discussion covers a lot of what was going on at Facebook and how the scandal has changed Facebook since. They also get into the trade-offs big platforms have to make between issues like end-to-end encryption, working with law enforcement, keeping users secure from bad actors, and what the threats are for platforms in the upcoming election. Below is a lightly edited excerpt of the conversation.

Source: verge, full story


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