Weekly #Episode Drops, #Audio Commentaries, And Other Features You May Have Missed About @DisneyPlus; #SVOD #Streaming

New York, NY (IndieWire) — Disney directed a firehose of Disney+ content previews at the D23 audience last weekend, featuring everything “The Mandalorian” trailer to a peek at the live-action “Lady and the Tramp,”  and many, many other shows and movies in between. So much, in fact, that even the most attentive fan might fail to notice a few of the most pertinent details that Disney believes will set the streaming platform apart from its competitors.

Here's four things you need to know that could help you decide whether to sign up when Disney+ launches in the U.S. on November 12.

– Bonus features are making a comeback.
– Episodes will be released weekly.
– Not everything will be available at launch.
– Audio/Video quality doesn't cost extra.

While the transition from DVDs to streaming has been enormously convenient, it's largely meant the loss of the bonus feature — the audio commentary tracks that let viewers hear directly from the creators as their work plays on screen. Disney intends to rectify that by providing audio commentaries and deleted scenes to accompany Disney+ programming.

By contrast, Netflix recently launched its “Watching With…” podcast to feature directors' commentaries on two Netflix original films — an oddly analog way to recreate the DVD experience.Chris Lindahl/@IndieWire

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