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Los Angeles, CA (TheWrap) — 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Is Bigger and More Popular Than Ever – What Comes Next?

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The VH1 reality competition show has “become part of the resistance without even trying to be,” World of Wonder's Tom Campbell tells TheWrap

It was not so long ago that “Drag Race” was regularly snubbed by the TV Academy despite the undying love of a small but fervent fanbase. But in 2019, the show is bigger, and more mainstream, than ever.

It’s 2017 jump from the niche Logo to broader sister network VH1 came with an explosion in the ratings. Strong word of mouth among the younger-skewing audience has made “Drag Race” one of the buzziest TV shows on social media. And host RuPaul Charles, who once famously predicted the show would never be taken seriously enough to receive awards attention, has been named best reality competition show host at the Emmys three years running.

Last week, VH1 announced that it had picked up a 12th season of the flagship “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and a fifth outing of “All-Stars” — renewals that may have seemed like a foregone conclusion but that Campbell and the World of Wonder team don’t take lightly.

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