@CityOfVancouver Reallocates Street Lanes For Bike Lanes, Complains About Street Congestion, Further Pinches Motorists; #Vancouver

Metro Vancouver, especially the City of Vancouver, is hostile towards motorists regardless of party at the helm. It's just varying degrees of hostility. The city's agenda of taking away whole lanes and reallocating them for seasonal bike lanes continues. Streets are getting narrower, more inaccessible to motorists, meanwhile, bike lanes are underutilized… even during summer. As the metropolis population continues to explode, the city believes that “encouraging” residents to ride bicycles — where the weather is only favorable a few months a year — is the best way to move people around. Yes, mass transit isn't so bad… when and where its available. Unfortunately, mass transit doesn't operate round the clock. So those who work irregular hours are pretty much screwed.

The province is also hostile to rideshare companies — it's going to allow rideshare companies to operate in the province, after years and years of delay, but the drivers must posses a driver's license fit for commercial limo and bus drivers. So it's pretty much dead.

Car insurance is still a monopoly and the most expensive in the country. Taxi service are expensive and the quality of service is a hit and miss — mostly miss. So if you live far from work, or work odd hours, or your family won't fit on a bike… you're left with… walking. So if you're a motorist who lives in British Columbia, don't expect too much from the provincial or local government. It's not like this in other provinces though, this issue is only happening in BC.

But it's not all that bad really, for one thing, BC still has universal health care, marriage equality, strong financial institutions, and utility companies and housing are regulated, and oh, pot is legal. And our politicians aren't as crazy like our neighbor down south.

This parking regulation was self-inflicted, it's outrageous, but it could've been worst.

We win some, we lose some. We can't have everything.

To ease congestion & help ensure that residents conducting business can find parking, we're making changes to parking regulations. From September 3, visitors to #CityHall will pay $2 an hour to park, & parking hours will be limited Monday to Friday.

We're making changes to parking regulations at our 12th and Cambie lot.

The surface parking lot at City Hall has previously been free, with parking restricted to a maximum of two hours, however this has been difficult to enforce and has made it difficult for residents to find a parking space when they come to City Hall to conduct business such as paying bills or meeting with staff or elected officials.

EasyPark will enforce the new parking regulations at the lot. Parking meters will be installed before September 3, and between August 26 and September 2, EasyPark will issue warnings to raise awareness of the new parking restrictions. City of Vancouver/@CityofVancouver

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