@DARPA Search For “#Underground Urban #Tunnels” For Research Freaked Twitterverse; #Exploration #Robots

Since Twitterverse response were conjuring conspiracy theories, here's our contribution. Asking the public for underground urban tunnels could also be a ruse for a covert operation intended to root out human trafficking or illegal immigration. And speaking of, DARPA could indeed work with USCIS to test their tunnel exploration technology on the tunnels used to smuggle people and narcotics along borders of the US and Mexico, and even along Canada. The technology is indeed interesting, nothing like the floating puppies in the movie “Prometheus” but it's still cutting edge… and robotic.

(TIME) — Here’s why DARPA is looking for large underground tunnels for “experimentation”.

DARPA, the Defense Department's research wing, made an unusual request: Underground tunnels for 'research and experimentation.'

The agency is looking for a place to host a stage of its Subterranean Challenge, a competition that enlisted labs to develop new technologies to “rapidly map, navigate, search, and exploit complex underground environments,” such as manmade tunnels and natural caves.

Although the technology being developed by the DARPA competitors isn’t as exotic as demogorgons, it seems to be on the cutting edge of underground technology. The winner of the first event was Team Explorer, which used robots to map and search research mines in Pennsylvania for objects in a simulated mine disaster. According to Carnegie Mellon University, which is working on the project with Oregon State University, the team designed and built two ground vehicles and two drones for the purpose.

Source: TIME, full story, DARPA


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