Lab-Grown #Human #Brian Cells Mature, Starts Making “Brian Waves”; #Science #Research

(NPR) — As clusters of lab-grown human brain cells mature, researchers say they can produce electrical patterns similar to the brain waves of a 6-month-old fetus.

And clusters of lab-grown human brain cells known as organoids seem to follow a similar schedule, researchers reported Thursday in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

“After these organoids are in that six-to-nine-months range, that's when [the electrical patterns] start to look a lot like what you'd see with a preterm infant,” says Alysson Muotri, director of the stem cell program at the University of California, San Diego.

The finding suggests that organoids can help scientists study the earliest phase of human brain development and perhaps reveal the earliest biological beginnings of conditions such as schizophrenia and autism.

Source: NPR, full story


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