The Verge (@Verge) — #YouTube Says It’s Being Responsible But What It Needs To Be Is Accountable; #BigTech #Privacy #Regulation

New York (The Verge) — YouTube says it’s being responsible — but what it needs to be is accountable….

The company is talking about the four R’s of responsibility. But it needs to be more accountable to the people affected by it

As usual when tech companies announce platform-scale statistics, the numbers involved can boggle the mind.

When you hear that YouTube removed 100,000 videos, does that sound like a lot, or a little?

Do the 17,000 removed channels represent the core of YouTube’s problems with extremism and hate speech, or are they the tip of the iceberg?

Does YouTube removing 500 million comments indicate a spectacular advance in moderation technology, or had it previously been ignoring a lot of low-hanging fruit?

These questions are all but impossible to answer, because as outsiders we have very little knowledge of what’s on the platform. We find out about enforcement actions only after the fact. In the meantime, we search, we see what’s trending, and we speculate — some of us in good faith, and others not.

But after a summer of cascading PR crises, YouTube is keen to convey the sense of a steady hand at the wheel. Today’s blog post is the first of a planned four-part series on “responsibility,” which the company has divided into four (other) R’s. (Coming up after “remove” are “raise,” “reward,” and “reduce.”) Casey Newton/@verge

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