The Verge (@verge) — #Google And #Facebook’s Antitrust Problem Is Getting Much More Serious; #BigTech #Regulation #Privacy #Surveillance #IoT

New York (The Verge) — Google and Facebook’s antitrust problem is getting much more serious….

Tech platforms emerged from the summer unscathed by regulations. But a new investigation from 50 state attorneys general has escalated the fight.

The big tech platforms now face two Congressional, six state and local, and eight federal investigations. That’s according to a handy new tracker from the New York Times, which I encourage you to bookmark. (I did!) In a companion piece, Jack Nicas, Karen Weise and Mike Isaac break down the nature of the investigations into Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. While the details vary, anti-competitive behavior is at the heart of many of the inquiries.

The final outcome of all this is impossible to predict. But if this summer it seemed like the biggest tech platforms might be able to escape US regulators unscathed, today’s developments would seem to make that much less likely. Casey Newton/@verge

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