Deadly #Brain #Cancers Act Like “Vampires” By Hijacking Normal Cells To Grow

(NPR) — Why are brain cancers so hard to stop?

New studies found that these deadly tumors integrate themselves into the brain's electrical network, and then hijack signals from healthy nerve cells to fuel their own growth.

Researchers say certain brain cancers tap electrical signals from healthy cells to fuel their growth. The finding could lead to treatments for deadly tumors like the one that killed Sen. John McCain.

Two of the three studies, including Winkler's, looked at high-grade gliomas, which include glioblastoma, the cancer that killed Sen. John McCain in 2018.

“High-grade gliomas are really an intractable set of diseases, and we've made very little progress clinically in effectively treating these terrible brain cancers,” says Dr. Michelle Monje, an associate professor of neurology and neurological sciences at Stanford University and an author of a second study.

Source: NPR, full story


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