Study — #Smart #TVs Are Data-Collecting Machines; #BigTech #Privacy #Regulation

Ya don't say… really? Duh. 99% of IoT (Internet of Things) and internet marketing tethered devices are data-collecting machines. The more corporations know about their user's habits and preferences the better they get at selling more products. This isn't rocket science, and it definitely didn't need any study. It's common sense. The only way to safeguard your privacy these days is to disconnect or avoid data-mining gadgets or services. It's not impossible to do. It's also inescapable but one can minimize exposure. Plenty of the new “toys” out there today are nonessential.

New York (The Verge) — Smart TVs are data-collecting machines, new study shows….

Roku and Amazon Fire TVs are guilty of the same level of surveillance as other smart home devices. A new study from Princeton University shows just how pervasive this tracking has become.

“If you use a device such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, there are numerous companies that can build up a fairly comprehensive picture of what you’re watching,” Arvind Narayanan, associate professor of computer science at Princeton, wrote in an email to The Verge. “There’s very little oversight or awareness of their practices, including where that data is being sold.”

Of course, data is part of the reason TVs have gotten so cheap. Today, Roku’s sell for less than $200, subsidized in part by targeted advertising. Technically, people agree to have their data sold when they set up their devices. But many aren’t aware it’s even happening. Zoe Schiffer/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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