Why A Plan To Redefine The Meaning Of “#Museum” Is Stirring Up Controversy?

They don't own the word “museum.” But they are free to redefine their organization to say something like “museum+” or entirely something else. It's outrageous for an organization to redefine a word to fit their business model. It's arrogant. Word's meaning can change, like through changes with the way the general public uses it.

(TIME) — Why a plan to redefine the meaning of “museum” is stirring up controversy.

As institutions try to figure out their roles in a changing world, a vote on the meaning of “museum” has led to heated debate.

As the institution’s role evolves, a universal definition of museum has become the subject of heated argument. In fact, while the International Council of Museums (ICOM)’s Extraordinary General Assembly — a United Nations-style body for museums, in which 119 countries are represented — was supposed to vote on the matter over the weekend, the vote was postponed after “profound and healthy debate,” with little clarity as to when it might be rescheduled.

Source: TIME, full story


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