Some Of The #UK’s Phone Number Infrastructure Relies On #Yahoo Groups, Which Is Shutting Down

New York (The Verge) — Some of the UK’s phone number infrastructure relies on Yahoo Groups, which is shutting down….

“A review might consider whether it is befitting for the world’s sixth largest economy to manage critical national infrastructure via a Yahoo group but we would hope that is obvious,” reads the 2015 report referenced in the tweet, which was prepared by Simwood, a UK telecom, and sent to Ofcom.

The idea that at least some part of the UK’s voice communication infrastructure rests on the framework of Yahoo Groups feels a little alarming; shouldn’t phone numbers be easier to manage than the internet? But then: the infrastructure that underpins the stuff we use and take for granted every day is usually far weirder and more complicated than it seems at first.

Yahoo plans to delete all of its uploaded group data — which includes files, photos, attachments, email updates, and message history, among other stuff — on December 14th. That may not entirely disrupt its usage by UK telecoms, though, as email functions are still supposed to work. Bijan Stephen/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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