@LaganjaEstranja Sashays Into #Cannabis Activism; #DragRace

Did you read my article by @tesstifybarker in missgrass? Check it out now: missgrass.com/culture/laganj…
Photography by dirtsmom.

Pulling bongs and talking pigeon-holing, wearing many hats/wigs, gender, and criminal justice with weed’s most sickening and fabulous advocate.

With her fluffy dog Dabbers by her side, Laganja has welcomed me with all the hospitality of the Southern Belle she professes to be. It’s Tuesday at noon, and Laganja aka Jay Jackson is not in drag. She is dressed in a pristine baseball cap, house slippers, and matching shorts-and-top set constructed from a cannabis leaf print. She evokes both the glamour of an old-world starlet, and the playful coolness of someone who has 600,000-plus Instagram followers, a popular international dance school, and memorable turns on multiple reality shows under their belt.

The first of those reality shows was, of course, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Laganja was 24 years old when she appeared on Season 6 of the cultural juggernaut. Since its inception, Drag Race has ballooned into a subculture of its own, spawning an industry of highly popular tours, appearances, and conventions featuring its former contestants, unfiltered.

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