#Google Talked To Wedding #Photographers To Build The #Pixel 4’s Face #Retouching Feature

Retouching is a must for editorial and photos intended for presentation to a particular audience to sell something, or simply as an art expression. Retouching day-to-day photos for personal social media use is different story. It can break your confidence and make you feel blue when you realize reality doesn't match your fantasy. As long as you are aware of the distinction between the two.

New York (The Verge) — Google says it talked to wedding photographers to figure out how to build its face retouching feature theverge.com/2019/11/1/2094….

Google’s lead product manager for the Pixel camera, Isaac Reynolds, says the company thinks deeply about the line between helpful skin smoothing and too much. The team consulted wedding photographers when building its retouching feature for the Pixel 4.

In an interview with The Vergecast this week, Isaac Reynolds, the lead product manager of the Pixel camera, elaborated on the team’s decisions around face retouching. “There are certain lines we won’t cross,” he says, like making faces thinner, lips larger, and noses smaller. To avoid all of that but still find a way to make people look like their best selves, he says they brought in wedding photographers.

For selfies, Google turns face retouching on by default for the first time on the Pixel 4. It’s a peculiar decision, given that Reynolds says Google’s goal for the Pixel camera is to help people capture the most accurate memory of a day. It also suggests that Google’s aware that people value looking good in their photos over accuracy, especially if they’re having a bad skin day or week and they might be sharing these photos on social media. (Google gives people the option to turn retouching off completely, too.) Ashley Carman/@verge

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