#Uber May Have To Pay #Waymo To Use Its #SelfDriving #Tech

New York (The Verge) — Uber may have to pay Waymo to use its self-driving tech theverge.com/2019/11/7/2095….

Uber has admitted that it may either have to come to a licensing agreement with Waymo or make design changes to its autonomous vehicle technology, following an independent investigation into its self-driving tech.

The investigation is the result of a settlement Uber reached with Waymo back in February 2018 after the Alphabet-owned company sued Uber over alleged theft of its intellectual property. As part of the settlement, both companies agreed to employ an independent software expert to ensure that Uber’s autonomous vehicle technology had not misappropriated Waymo’s intellectual property. Now, the results of that expert analysis are in, and Uber is warning that it might not be good news for the company.

Uber’s statement comes just a few short months after Anthony Levandowski, the ex-Google engineer accused of stealing trade secrets and taking them to Uber, was charged by federal prosecutors with theft and attempted theft of trade secrets. Levandowski is alleged to have stolen 14,000 documents from Google containing information about its self-driving car program. Jon Porter/@verge

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