@Verge — It’s That Time Of Year Again — Fall Is Here And Packs Of #Robot Dogs Are Frolicking In The Leaves; #Quadrupedal

New York (The Verge) — It’s that time of year again — fall is here and packs of robot dogs are frolicking in the leaves theverge.com/tldr/2019/11/8…


Robot dogs are better in packs. This video from MIT of nine of its Mini Cheetah quadrupedal bots scampering about in the leaves is proof. Like Boston Dynamics’ four-legged Spot, robots like this are becoming more common

Quadrupedal robots of this sort are becoming more common as several fields of technology mature: namely battery tech, motors, cheap sensors, and machine vision. The best known example of this type of machine is Boston Dynamics’ Spot, which the company started leasing out for industrial and research work in September.

Right now these bots are mostly being used for surveying jobs, where using robots is cheaper or safer than using humans (such as on remote oil rigs). In the future, though, they’ll likely find other tasks, including package delivery and security patrols. James Vincent/@verge

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