@RepAdamSchiff On How The #Trump #Impeachment Hearings Will Make History; #Politics

(TIME) — Adam Schiff on how the Trump impeachment hearings will make history.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, has become the public face of the Trump impeachment investigation.

But Schiff, who has become the public face of the probe, is seated casually in one of the chairs strewn around a small, wood-paneled room off the floor of the House of Representatives. He’s “almost” finished writing his opening statement, he says, and he even hopes to get a little bit of sleep before tomorrow morning. It’s only when asked about the stakes of the hearings that he concedes this test is anything but academic. “All of us are aware of the historical significance of what’s going on, of what it means to the country,” he says. “We’re determined to do our very best to bring out the facts.”

Source: TIME, full story


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