People Are Ready To “Die For“ The #Mandalorian Adorable New Addition To The #StarWars Family — Baby #Yoda

(TIME) — We’re only two episodes in to “The Mandalorian” and there’s already a case to be made for adding “baby Yoda” to the list of the best “Star Wars” characters of all time — or at least the most adorable.

There's already a case to be made for adding The Mandalorian's “baby Yoda” to the list of the best Star Wars characters of all time.

We first met baby Yoda, the nickname fans promptly coined for the baby of Yoda’s species introduced in the closing minutes of the first episode, when the titular Mandalorian (played by Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal) discovered he was the target that Werner Herzog’s unnamed character had hired him to collect as his next bounty. And boy were we instantly smitten — just like the Mandalorian himself seemed to be.

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