@MargaretCho: Advice To My 26-Year-Old Self; #lifeNotes

All the things I would tell my 26 year old self today.

Cho is known for her unapologetic, industry-shifting comedy. Now, at age 50, she reflects on one of the most trying, and formative, moments of her life.

You think that your life is already set for you, and look, you’re not too far off. You feel like your career is on track, and you’re right. Stand-up comedy is where you belong. But you think you know everything about everything, from how to be on the road, to something as simple as how to drink alcohol, and you really don’t. You think you’re old hat because you’re doing well, that you’re so mature and so advanced and so over everything, but you haven’t doneeverything. Yet. Margaret Cho,Kelsea Stahler/@margaretcho

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