@TIME — “A #Robot And A Team Of #Irish #Scientists Walk Into A Senior Living Home”

(TIME) — Stop me if you've heard this one: a robot and a team of Irish scientists walk into a senior living home.

Stevie isn't just a delivery-robot, or a roving call button. It interacts with the elderly, keeps them company, and plays BINGO with them.

Stevie’s hosting gig is part of a collaboration between the Robotics and Innovation Lab at Trinity College Dublin and Knollwood, a non-profit retirement home for military officers and their spouses. To better understand the role artificial intelligence might play in eldercare, a handful of Trinity researchers—and Stevie—moved into Knollwood for months-long stretches this spring and summer. Their goal was to understand what aging people and the staff that care for them might want from a robot, and how AI could bridge the widening gap between the number of older Americans in need of care and the number of professionals available to care for them.

Source: TIME, full story


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