@TIME — The #Streaming Wars Are Finally In Full Swing—And The First Casualties Are Coming Into View

(TIME) — “The Streaming Wars will surely have some early casualties,” writes TIME's @judyberman. “They just aren’t likely to be any of the mega-brands pouring cash into ammunition”.

The Streaming Wars will surely have some early casualties, but they may not be the ones we first expected.

Things would be different if the major players in this competition were startups, rather than some of the richest, most powerful corporations in the world. Apple TV+ is, in fact, bankrolled by America’s first-ever publicly traded company worth more than $1 trillion, which means it can pretty much keep greenlighting expensive gambles for as long as Apple’s leadership believes in what it’s doing. Other streaming superpowers seem equally invulnerable. Disney (which owns Hulu) and Amazon—as well as Warner parent AT&T and NBCUniversal, both slated to launch services in 2020—are in similar positions to Apple.

Source: TIME, full story


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