Following #Backlash, #Twitter Offers To “#Memorialize” Accounts Of The Deceased

(NPR) — A mass panic started after Twitter said inactive accounts would be removed starting in December.

Now the company will allow people to archive and memorialize the accounts of deceased loved ones.

The company received criticism over plans to delete inactive accounts. It later clarified that deletions will not occur until after a “memorial” function is introduced.

A company spokesperson originally said inactive accounts would be removed from the platform starting in December as part of its “commitment to serve the public conversation.”

The announcement sparked a mass panic.

Numerous inactive users returned to the platform for the sole purpose of saving their accounts. Popular K-pop star Taeyang tweeted twice Wednesday, his first tweets since 2016. His messages were simple: One was a photo of a sun-shape balloon; the other just said, “Hello.”

Source: NPR, full story


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