“Stop Overproduction!” #French #Activists And Lawmakers Want To Ban #BlackFriday; #Commercialism #ClimateChange #Minimalist

Commercialism is what's hurting the planet, not single-use plastics.

When people consume more than they should and industry produces goods (including non-biodegradable materials to build and package those goods) to meet demand (in part created by industry) it puts a strain on the planet, either through the consumption of natural resources or discharge of waste byproducts.

People who own multiple (big) houses, multiples vehicles or too many possessions (including hoarders), and people who eat too much… are part of the problem. Industry is a big part of the problem, since they are the ones who extract natural resources in mass quantities, they are the ones who discharge huge amount of waste from production or manufacturing, and they're the ones who often create the demand.

The planet's resources can sustain human population. It's the overuse, neglect and discharge of non-negotiable waste that's the problem.

Recycling helps but the damage is already done. It's a band-aid solution. And just like “single-use plastic bans,” it has one major loophole… everything else.

The latter is a misguided, futile approach at curbing use of plastics. It has the hallmarks of an industry-driven or industry-influenced propaganda aimed at misdirection — blame the consumers and make them pay for the problems originating from industry. It's easier to punish the common folk than go after corporations. It's easier to blame consumers for plastic garbage that were engineered and produced by industry.

While the ban looks great on the press, it has a ton of exceptions like product packaging. Single-use plastic garbage generated from direct-to-consumer activities like food and beverage sale, dining and shopping pales in comparison with the plastic used to package goods and commercial supplies.

It's not unusual for vocal advocates of the ban are the rich or heavy consumers. There's a perfect word to describe them: hypocrites.


If people are really serious about saving the planet and fight climate change, then they need to consume less and demand that industry replace non-biodegradable packaging materials with biodegradable alternatives. They can even go one step further, become a minimalist and lose weight.

But then again, it's easy to put blame on something that doesn't affect your lifestyle or bottom line, isn't it?

(TIME) — 'Stop overproduction!' French activists and lawmakers want to ban Black Friday.

A legislative committee has passed a motion proposing a ban on Black Friday since it causes “resource waste” and “overconsumption.”

Protesters from climate group Amis de la terre (Friends of the Earth) spread hay and old refrigerators and microwaves on the driveway leading to the warehouse in Bretigny-sur-Orge on Thursday. They held signs in front of the gates reading “Amazon: For the climate, for jobs, stop expansion, stop over-production!”

Source: TIME, full story


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