#LISTEN: @Variety — How A #HeartAttack Inspired @AntonioBanderas To Open A Theater Company In His Native Spain; #Health #Wellness

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — Antonio Banderas has introduced Spain to “A Chorus Line.” A Spanish language adaptation of the classic American musical about struggling actors auditioning for a chorus line on Broadway was the opening production last month of the actor’s new Teatro del Soho CaixaBank in his native Málaga. It also marks the first production of “A Chorus Line” to be staged in Spain.

“There is something about me as an actor that many people don't know, and is that I am an actor because of theater. Not because of movies,” Banderas says on this week’s “The Big Ticket,” Variety and iHeart’s movie podcast.

“Movies became an enormous accident in my career, an accident of over 112 movies, but the thing that I fell in love with in my profession is the theater, seeing actors on the stage, a group of people just telling stories to another group of people,” he said. “I just love that ritual. There was something there, very specific, very beautiful that has to do with civilization, with the possibility of these people reflecting in front of others about ourselves. You can make them laugh, you can make them cry, you can go to many different places.”
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