@Verge — Would #Background Checks Make #Dating Apps Safer?

No, background checks won't make dating apps “safer.” But it does create new opportunities for private companies to data mine more personal, sensitive information from its users.

New York (The Verge) — Would background checks make dating apps safer? trib.al/EfnaVg1.

A ProPublica report details incidents in which online daters met convicted sex criminals on dating apps, which led to multiple rapes. The dating apps claim they can’t perform background checks on every user, but would that make the platforms safer?

The piece walks through individual attacks and argues that the apps have no real case for not vetting their users. The reporting positions Match as a company interested more in scale than user protection, like many other tech companies. Match told ProPublica that it can’t perform background checks because the system is not just costly but unreliable. A Match spokesperson told ProPublica that the government databases often rely on old photos or lack data on offenders, which doesn’t help the company vet users. Ashley Carman/@verge

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