#Colombia's Former Prison Island #Gorgona Is Open For #Tourists

This island in Colombia is a prime spot for whale watching. Fishing is prohibited so there's plenty of marine life. And it's full of monkeys, lizards and birds.

“It's like a mini-Galápagos,” a resort manager says.

It's also a former penal colony.

Nature has taken over this onetime penal colony turned national park, surrounded by waters popular with divers for their sharks, rays and whales. A resort manager calls it a “mini-Galápagos.”

The presence of scary reptiles is just one reason why the park remains largely unexplored by outsiders. It doesn't help that it is better known for its days as a kind of Colombian Devil's Island, when it housed a penal colony for 1,200 hardened criminals, from the 1960s-80s. Also, when tourism started to take off in Colombia a few years ago, Marxist guerrillas raided the island.

Source: NPR, article


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