#Hallmark Faces #Christmas #Controversy After Questioning Ad With Same-Sex Couple; Anti-#LGBT #Discrimination

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — Hallmark Channel this week delivered a sentiment very different from the ones found in its parent company's greeting cards when its executives questioned an ad showing two women getting married — and barred the commercial from running on its schedule.

Zola, a company that offers online wedding registries and wedding planning services, had been running commercials in recent days that feature a lesbian couple contemplating whether their wedding might have gone better if they had used Zola's products. A spokeswoman for Zola said the company would remove all of its advertising from Hallmark “for the forseeable future” after being informed by the network that it would decline to run commercials from Zola featuring a same-sex couple.


In a statement made to The New York Times, a spokesperson for Hallmark said the women's public displays of affection violated the cable outlet's standards. Another Zola advertisement featuring a heterosexual couple engaged in similar displays was not rejected.

The ads had already sparked a stir at Hallmark before they were taken off the air. One Million Moms, an advocacy organization that says it fights against indecency, had started an effort to get Hallmark to take the ad off … Brian Steinberg/@Variety

Source: Variety, full story


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