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New York (The Verge) — YouTube is growing up, and creators are frustrated by growing pains theverge.com/2019/12/16/210….

New policies from YouTube are supposed to address harassment and cyberbullying that attack an individual, but the YouTube community is concerned over how far YouTube will take it — especially those within the commentary and drama communities.

For years, both YouTube and creators profited off the drama-fueled rants that creators tossed at each other. YouTube even alluded to the biggest interpersonal fights between personalities in its 2017 Rewind video, showing Jake and Logan Paul standing opposite each other, prepared to fight, while others watched. (Diss tracks are reportedly fine, labeled as artistic expression, but even this can’t be abused.) Creators were allowed to make these videos in the past, so they did, and a community was formed in the process.

Already, YouTube has taken down a commentary / comedy video from a major YouTuber, seemingly as a warning. Ian “iDubbbz” Carter, a popular creator and controversial comedian, started his “Content Cop” series in an effort to bring attention to problematic habits of other YouTubers, including laying out Brian “RiceGum” Le’s over-the-top clickbait material and Calvin “Leafy” Veil’s own cyberbullying behavior. Carter’s video on Veil was removed by YouTube, and, while the language he used, teasing Veil for his personal appearance and behavior, violated the company’s new policy, the decision was met with scorn from the community because Carter called to attention behavior that wasn’t acceptable. Julia Alexander/@verge

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