@TIME — “It's A Matter Of When.” How #Machines Are Taking Over The World's Stock Markets; #AI

(TIME) — “It's a matter of when.” How machines are taking over the world's stock markets

A top expert in the field, Marcos López de Prado, tells TIME how machine learning is changing the way firms buy and sell stocks.

The robotic victory marked a watershed moment for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology—a subset of AI whereby a computer learns to perform a task without being explicitly programmed to complete it, instead learning and improving from experience.

Now the technology is being applied in industries from transport, where algorithms are being used to teach self-driving cars how to navigate busy city streets, to health care, where robots are learning to diagnose and treat patients. And in finance, increasingly, these technologies are making decisions about what stocks to buy and sell.

Source: TIME, full story


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