Katerina Tannenbaum Brings Grit To @AJandtheQueen’s Glitz; @RuPaul

LAX / JFK (RuPaul) — Katerina Tannenbaum Brings Grit to @ajandthequeen’s Glitz @wmag wmagazine.com/story/katerina….

Actress Katerina Tannenbaun of AJ and the Queen on meeting RuPaul and learning to skate for her role in Betty.

“AJ and the Queen” tells the story of a scrappy kid named AJ (Izzy G) who stows away in an RV owned by a drag queen named Ruby (RuPaul) and ends up on a cross-country odyssey from drag club to drag club. Tannenbaum plays Brianna, AJ's mother, who is struggling with addiction and unable to pay the rent.

For Tannenbaum, it took some work to relate to her character. “She’s a mother and I’m not. And she was a really young mom, a teen mom. She’s also an addict. Those are things I’ve never handled in my own life, so I did a lot of research on addiction,” she said. “This is a comedy but my character has a dark undercurrent that builds. It gets really brutal. So how do I make this person a human and not a caricature of a bad mom?” Brooke Marine/@RuPaul

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