@Twitter’s @Jack Dorsey On Edit Button: “We’ll Probably Never Do It” — GOOD! Don't!

…an edit button on @Twitter doesn't make any sense. Why let Tweeps change what they wrote after it's publicized? It's a big can of worms.

Retweet a correction just like professionals do.

You simply don't change content once it's published — where readers are already engaged. What you do is publish a correction, like an addendum. Imagine people reacting and liking a tweet only to be changed to something completely different, and thereby misleading other readers? Edit button on Twitter is a scammer's favorite feature.

New York (The Verge) — Twitter’s Jack Dorsey on edit button: ‘We’ll probably never do it’ trib.al/rMRI3sM.

Twitter’s users have long demanded an edit button, giving them the ability to fix typos and broken links after sending a tweet. Twitter has mostly dodged the question, but in an interview, CEO Jack Dorsey gave perhaps the most definitive answer yet: “We’ll probably never do it.” James Vincent/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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