@CRFashionBook — Costume Designers #Zaldy And @TrayceGigiFieldBehind On Creating @RuPaul's Fabulous Costumes On #AJandTheQueen

LAX / JFK (RuPaul) — COSTUME DESIGNERS ZALDY & TRAYCE GIGI FIELD ON CREATING RUPAUL’S ONSCREEN LOOKS FOR “AJ and The Queen” #ajandthequeen crfashionbook.com/culture/a30503….

CR speaks to costume designers Zaldy and Trayce Gigi Field about creating RuPaul’s onscreen looks for the new Netflix series

Co-created by the six-time Emmy award-winning entertainer and Sex and the Citylegend Michael Patrick King, the show follows Robert (RuPaul) as he goes on an eight week performance tour across America as drag performer Ruby Red. Along the way, a 10-year-old stows away in Ruby’s RV, and (mis)adventure ensues. Following the success of the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise, the series mark’s RuPaul’s first starring role in a scripted TV show. Needless to say, some serious costumes were required. Here, CR speaks with longtime RuPaul collaborator Zaldy, who created all of Ruby’s drag costumes (aside from some very special Bob Mackie ensembles); and Dead to Me costume design veteran Trayce Gigi Field, who designed all of Robert’s daytime ensembles as well as outfits for all of the show’s characters.

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