@TrinityTheTuck Is Cooking Up An All-Inclusive #Drag #Competition; #LGBT


Vancouver, BC (bluebay700.com) — Not so long ago a promoter took to Instagram to unveil plans of starting an all-inclusive drag competition in response to the “uproar” by some Drag Race fans on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” casting rules which limits auditions to gay men. Nothing has come out of it. They removed the post after some people accused them of being opportunistic.

We've made our position on this matter then, and it hasn't changed: World of Wonder should keep the rules unchanged. Create an all-inclusive (including straight talents) spin-off if there's a market for it. Their money, their rules.

Trinity's desire to start her own competition is great, because it comes from a place of love not malice. She won't be the first Drag Race alum to embark on such effort, Sasha Belle has her own drag competition even before she was cast on the show. It would be interesting to see how Trinity's competition turns out.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this. I want to start an original Pageant for all drag no mater your gender/non gender and I want it to be for creative/horror drag! COMING IN OCTOBER.. I will be starting a pageant called POISON! More info coming after my Florida EOY pag in April!

Because her contest and mine will be different. There’s room for multiple contests and pageants. I’ve won over 30 so imagine more than just 1 all inclusive contest.

Just to be clear. If you identify as male, female, non binary, cis male, cis female, trans. All will be welcome!

Fun fact. Years before Drag Race was even a thing I won an Alternative drag pageant called Extreme Diva. It had very gothic/ alternative categories and was a blast. In 2015 I also won a Hallows Eve pageant that was based around Halloween.

A few years before that I was 1st alt in a horror drag style pageant. I’ve ALWAYS loved different styles of drag. Not just cookie cutter.

I do (goth or spooky drag) but usually only around Halloween. The fan base around Drag Race is very particular. If you do t stay on brand they always say you’re trying to be “so and so”. I tend to just deliver what I’m known for except around Halloween when it’s actually acceptable for the masses.

Eureka was also in the Hollows Eve pageant with me.

I don’t like to just do one style of drag. I like to dabble in a lot. The problem with becoming a TV Queen is you have to brand yourself a certain way.

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