@Verge — People Want @DisneyPlus To Match @Netflix's Output; Who Are These People?; #SVOD #QualityNotQuantity

Disney acknowledged it will stream third-party content in the future, and that's good enough. It's better to let Disney+ evolve organically. Let movies and shows go thru the usual “vetting” process so that only the best ones gets produced and made.

Aren't we all tired of wading through tons of junk to find barely watchable content and maybe less than a handful good ones? Yes, Netflix, this is about you. It was understandable why Netflix had to go down this route – content license fees ain't cheap. In-house content was the way to go, so they had to invest on films and shows, for cheap and by the dozen, so they can stay in business. But now look, it's junk after junk. The platform is overwhelmed with junk.

Quality not quantity!

Disney has got lots of quality content from its archive. That's good enough for now. It's better to have a smaller volume of blockbusters than a pile of movies no one wants to watch.

So yes, I don't care either. Disney don't have to “copy” Neftlix, because the Mouse House doesn't have to prove anything. It already has a great track record in the entertainment business.

Again, who are these people? The Verge staff?

New York (The Verge) — People want Disney+ to match Netflix’s output, but Disney doesn’t care trib.al/GNhvnhe.

Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed questions from investors over whether Disney+ should have more shows on its platform, possibly in an effort to keep up with Netflix. But Disney+ isn’t Netflix, and the company is looking to quality over quantity. Julia Alexander/@verge

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