#Finland's Thrifty-Four-Year-Old Prime Minister, Sanna Marine, Announced Gender-Neutral Family Leave; #Equality

(NPR) — Finland's government has announced a new policy — designed to be gender-neutral — that will grant nearly 7 months of paid leave each to parents.

Parents who are pregnant also can receive 1 month of pregnancy allowance.

Under the new policy, families are entitled to a total 14 months of paid leave. The health minister says the goal is to both improve gender equality and boost a declining birth rate.

Finland's government, led by 34-year-old Prime Minister Sanna Marin, has announced a new policy that will grant nearly seven months of paid leave to each parent, for a total of 14 months of paid leave. The pregnant parent also can receive one month of pregnancy allowance even before the parental leave starts.

The new policy is designed to be gender-neutral and will come into effect as soon as fall 2021. It will eliminate gender-based allowances that currently grant about four months of paid leave to mothers and about two months to fathers.

Source: NPR, full story


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