@Verge — #Pepe The #Frog Died, And (niche) Part Of The Internet Died With Him; #Meme

New York (The Verge) — Pepe the Frog died, and part of the internet died with him trib.al/OEmGTpb.

Feels Good Man, directed by Arthur Jones and premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, is a bittersweet documentary about artist Matt Furie and his internet-famous character Pepe.

Feels Good Man is about the rise, fall, and slow recuperation of Pepe the Frog. But it’s also about the death of a more playful but far too exploitable era of internet culture — and about the birth of whatever comes next.

The overall Pepe saga is fairly well-known, but Feels Good Man explores it through a combination of individual biography and cultural analysis. The film is built around Furie and spends a lot of time discussing his comic Boy’s Club, where Pepe originated. It’s artistically ambitious, including some very effective animated segments featuring Pepe and other Furie characters. But it also draws from a range of other sources, including journalists, fellow artists, and a 4chan micro-celebrity. Adi Robertson/@verge

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