@NewNowNext — Jimmy Fallon (@FallonTonight) Thought He Was “Canceled” After His @RuPaul #Interview; #DragRace #LGBT

(Logo ) — “I really thought it was over”

Jimmy Fallon thought he was going to have to pack his bags last week.

Was it Ru's beaver impression?

Fallon talked about his Ru interview Monday night on The Tonight Show, addressing a tense moment from the conversation when Fallon said Ru had recently made history as the first “drag queen” on the cover of Vanity Fair. Ru responded, “A drag queen?!” Ru corrected Fallon by saying he is “the queen of drag,” not just a drag queen.

If anything, we thought Fallon might be canceled after he let Ru play Dirty Charades on national television. Luckily, Ru kept it mostly PG.

Source: LogoTV, full story


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