@Verge — #Samsung (@SamsungMobile) Learned Some Tough Lessons From The #Galaxy Fold #Debacle. Have They, Really?; #Foldable #Mobile #Tech

Anyone who wants a smaller screen, raise your hands up!

New York (The Verge) — Samsung has learned some tough lessons from the Galaxy Fold debacle trib.al/GsRQwxh.

Samsung’s new foldable Galaxy Z Flip is aiming to correct the past mistakes of the Galaxy Fold. There’s an improved hinge, a glass display, and a more familiar phone form factor with the Z Flip. It shows Samsung isn’t going to give up on the foldable dream just yet.

Samsung’s latest attempt at a foldable phone goes in a totally different direction to the Galaxy Fold. Instead of turning a phone into a tablet, the Galaxy Z Flip converts into a miniature pocketable device. It can even be partially unfolded and propped up on a table to take hands-free selfies. Tom Warren/@verge

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